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Easy ways you can help

With holiday shopping in full swing PLEASE consider signing up for both of these FREE programs. They have thousands of participating stores that donate a portion of your online purchases to your charity! It is an invaluable tool for us to generate funds that don;t cost our supporters anything. All you need to do is sign up and shop through their site. They offer great discount codes too! Please share and participate. These programs have generated over $1400 for All

Vote For Tyrone: Star cat

Hi, Tyrone’s(tenderness for Tyrone) momma M here. In case you don’t know Tyrone is in a contest called Star cat and if he wins he will get a feature article in Modern cat magazine. It only takes a second to vote, doesn’t require any personal information and you can vote every 12 hours. The contest ends 7/23. This is a very tight competition and Tyrone could use all of his friends help. So PLEASE click on the link and give

IGIVE- Give to your favorite charity for free! TyBean says it’s a win win!

Do you know about IGIVE? If not please take the time to read about and signup for this free service and most importantly USE IT! There are thousands of participating stores that will donate to your cause FOR FREE no additional cost to you! It is an invaluable tool and All Souls Connected has earned over $650 in just 6 months through IGIVE. Help us continue our Mission of helping as many souls as possible. Safe, Secure & Smart Ways to


Tyrone’s journey began long before Beth and Myself(Maria) rescued him on August 19th 2013. His story prior to that date is not completely known. What we do know is that some time during the summer of 2013 something happened to Ty and it set in motion a series of unexplained events. We had no idea the phenomenal passage we were about to embark upon. On august 19th 2013 Tyrone was rescued by All Souls Connected and taken to the Vet.

News flash-Dasher was a GIRL, fascinating reindeer facts

 Originally published on the go green blog 12/5/12 On Dasher, on Dancer,on Prancer & Vixen! Those familiar words conjure up thoughts of Santa’s strong, beautiful reindeer taking off with a sleigh full of toys trailing behind. But how much do you really know about reindeer?   Right off the bat let me clear one thing up. All of Santa’s reindeer were most definitely girls! You see, male caribou(reindeer) drop their antlers in November after the rut, while the females, who also

IGIVE the perfect way to support your favorite charity

If you are shopping online this Holiday season(or anytime) you can have the stores you shop at donate a portion of your total to your favorite charity. It’s free to sign up and even includes discount codes to many of the stores you shop. This is the perfect way to show your charity a little extra love. It adds up fast and really does make a huge difference to the non profits that are supported. So don’t miss out on

Repurposing natural decorations

Today on our All Souls Connected’s Facebook page we posted a video of a wolf enjoying a pumpkin. So I thought as a follow up I would post my link to an article I previously wrote about repurposing your natural holiday decorations instead of simply throwing them out. Animals can really benefit from the extra enrichment. Please enjoy the article by simply clicking here.

So you want to be a Zoo Keeper?

I am a writer for GreenAmerica/Greendeals and write about many of the things we would put on our All Souls Connected blog. So I decided to share some of my former posts from that site. This one touches on the misconception that being a Zoo Keeper is a glamorous and mysterious profession. Truth be told it is a grueling job with lower than average pay BUT the majority of the people in this profession LOVE their jobs. Much like what

Cats and Dogs and Sky, Oh my!

Welcome to the All Souls Connected website and blog. Our focus is on the natural world and its diversity and importance. We want to write about what YOU want to learn. We of course want to write about animals. Both domestic and wild , but also about the environment, it’s declining condition, and how it ties to our own health and the health of our beloved pets. We will also discuss the many natural remedies available for us and our