The benefits of Reiki for you and your pet

tyreikiThose of you following Tyrone’s story have probably seen that he has a Reiki Master. But like a lot of people, you may not really know what Reiki is. Some people think it is weird and hokey and doesn’t work. To those I say, if you witnessed one of Tyrone’s treatments from beginning to end you may just change your mind.

When one of Tyrone’s treatments starts he is usually not receptive of the energy or the treatment and will often move away or be in a very “closed” position, however by the end of his treatment he is usually stretched out and kneading.(see slideshow below)

So what exactly is Reiki you ask? Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands.” 6eeb55ca1049325b650eadcee7d7fce8Reiki can also be done “long-distance,” as a form of prayer. In a Reiki session, the practitioner is seeking to transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. The intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Ok now you may be thinking, mmmhmmm sounds a little wacky to me. So let’s break it down just a little. If you know anything about science or physiology you will know that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations, which have come to be known as biomagnetic fields. The traditional electrical recordings, such as the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram, are now being complemented by biomagnetic recordings, called magnetocardiograms and magnetoencephalograms. In essence we are energy! So when you recognize that fact, the idea of balancing the bodies energies that are “out of whack” does not seem so crazy. Additionally since  we are energy that is what gives us the ability to  use our own energies to assist others through Reiki, which in literal terms means universal energy.

I personally have had Reiki treatments. The treatment is relaxing and you will usually feel imagesheat generated, even though the person may not even be touching you or touching you very lightly. Reiki is now beginning performed in some of the top hospitals to help in healing and in comforting patients. Many cancer centers are now calling on Reiki Masters to help their patients deal with the devastating effects of Chemotherapy. Dr Oz is also a huge proponent for Reiki, his wife is a Reiki Master.

Reiki can be performed on all animals. Cats, dogs, horses, Humans etc. The reactions are varied according to Tyrone’s Reiki Master, Luann Liberatori. She said some animals accept the treatment immediately, yet others show hesitance. She explains that sometimes the feeling of the strong energy from the practitioner can be a little scary for a patient that is not familiar with the treatment. Luann explains that usually the patient will begin to feel the benefits from the balancing of the energy and then begin to relax and accept the treatment.

Hopefully, I have enlightened some of you to the benefits of this alternative healing treatment and you may even look into it for yourself or your pet. Those of you who are still shaking your heads, all I ask is that you have an open mind and perhaps try it yourself before you simply turn to a chemically produced prescription to “cure” you. Take a cue from Ty, he KNOWS the treatments help him and so do we.1235049_198753153639760_1228225602_n


Author: Maria Romano Trampe’


  • Jordis Kessler

    This is a fantastic article that describes Reiki very well. Thank you for putting this ‘out there.’ As a Reiki practitioner, I forget to offer Reiki’s healing to my own pets. Best wishes and the best of Reiki energy to Tyrone and to all pets who can benefit from its loving rays.

  • Mitymous

    Thanks for the explanation; I’ve heard of Reiki but didn’t know much about it. Really glad that it helps Tyrone!

  • Vicki

    Thanks for the explanation-I had never seen it done but had heard it helps. So glad Ty is able to get this treatment. Have a great weekend!

  • Maribethkc

    Thank you so much for the blog. I was curious about Reiki, and I felt like I learned a lot. It’s fascinating to see the pictures of Tyrone’s response. I’m so glad you can do this for him.

    • mtrampe

      So glad we were able to bring some awareness to Reiki and Ty is the perfect conduit. He had another treatment this morning and was really receptive.

  • Nancy Johnson

    One of my best friends is a Reiki master. I had pnuemonia many years ago and she finally talked me into a treatment. Within 30 minutes I was getting the infection out of my head and lungs in what seemed like a flood. I had been on medication for 2 weeks, that had helped very little. Within two days after the first treatment and a follow up one the next day I was back at work and feeling wonderful.

    I am a firm believer in Reiki.

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