All Souls Connected will show compassion to all animals. We work to improve the lives of abused, abandoned, feral, stray, and injured animals. We Trap, Neuter Vaccinate and Return to assist in controlling feral colonies, provide educational and informational assistance to the public, re-home socialized cats and kittens, and provide medical care to the cats when availability at All Souls Connected allows.Cat17

Company Overview

All Souls Connected is a non-profit organization located in Barto Pa. All Souls Connected was created in 2013 in honor of a rescued stray with a terrible injury to his eye named Tyrone.

Our mission is to reduce the stray cat population through TNR and to provide hospice care for ill or injured cats–as space permits–at our All Souls Connected and to provide community outreach to educate about crucial issues pertaining to Animals, Earth and Sky.


All Souls Connected’s focus is primarily on TNR services & education, information, and services to our community and hospice care.Spencer


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