All Souls Connected will show compassion to all animals. We work to improve the lives of abused, abandoned, feral, stray, and injured animals. We Trap, Neuter Vaccinate and Return to assist in controlling feral colonies, provide educational and informational assistance to the public, re-home socialized cats and kittens, and provide medical care to the cats when availability at All Souls Connected allows.Cat17

Company Overview

All Souls Connected is a non-profit organization located in Barto Pa. All Souls Connected was created in 2013 in honor of a rescued stray with a terrible injury to his eye named Tyrone.

Our mission is to reduce the stray cat population through TNR and to provide hospice care for ill or injured cats–as space permits–at our All Souls Connected and to provide community outreach to educate about crucial issues pertaining to Animals, Earth and Sky.


All Souls Connected’s focus is primarily on TNR services & education, information, and services to our community and hospice care.Spencer


  • Cindy Roberts

    Awesomeness of the highest order is what runs through your veins. Love your website, love your mission, love you!

  • Rena Snider

    Saying Thank You to all involved with All Souls Connected is not what should be expressed. I am so lucky to know both of you & realize what great hearts you hold. God surely has brought you to your best.

  • Shelly Guldin-DeCarlo

    Love everything!!!

  • Jeanne

    I think TNR programs are great. Where I live, we have a huge population of feral cats and stray dogs, partially due to dumping. It has gotten worse over the last twenty years because our city has been on a down-slide economically, and the local charitable animal organizations can’t keep up.
    Good luck!

  • Jennifer Wickliffe

    Thank you for everything you have done for Tyrone and for all you do for all the animals! You all are awesome! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I love you guys for everything y’all do.

  • Angela Warren

    I am trying to find a link to donate to help with vet fees etc and can’t find one. I would like to set up.a monthly amount as well so that it just comes through automatically.

    • mtrampe

      Hi Angela the link to donate is on the right hand side of every page on the site or if you are on a phone or tablet it may be at the bottom.

  • patrick marshall

    i live in maxatawny and have 3 indoor neutered cats. i had 2 strays neutered. they are feed by me and i am not quite sure where they stay. i leave food and water in my garage plus blankets. there are 3 other cats that are now hanging around. i don have my own trapto try and have the 3 newercats spayed/neuterede. the first 2 were done by no nonsense. could you call me 610-3923228

  • This is such crap! You’re not the only one they’re doing this too! Please put me on your email list!

    • mtrampe

      Added you Pam. It is really ridiculous that facebook is doing this, but their main interest is making money and if they force people to pay to boost posts they win.

  • This whole thing is so unfair!

  • Lynndah

    Facebook is one of the most greedy entities ever. Zuckerman is a BILLIONAIRE and he has the nerve to charge non-profit and just for fun pet pages to be seen. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  • Keith Fowler

    What you do is a true example of love. I contribute here in Ga at home but will be donating to yours soon. After all, as King Ty’s Court Jester I must support the King. Love to you and King Ty and everyone who helps God Bless You

  • Carol Marcellus

    I could not find the address to send Ty a card. He has stolen my heart and I want to send him some lve. Thank you!

    Carol M

  • Debbie jones

    I loved ty so much n miss him. He was so awesome. I couldn’t wait to see him on Facebook
    I know you were selling different types novelties n stuffed king Ty’s. Please text me so I can order some things.

    • mtrampe

      Hi Debbie, te ty custm items are available on our store site look for Ty’s picture that says custom Ty and All souls items http://www.justbeingnatural.com if you want a ty stuffy they are just pre order right now because we will not have them until late november early December, you can pre order by sending $38 to our paypal allsoulsconnected@gmail.com or a check to All Souls Connected 139 Robin Drive Barto PA 19504

  • Sharon King

    How do I order a King Ty Stuffy?

    • mtrampe

      You can order one through our donation button on this site just put your address in comments they are $38 domestic $48 international

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