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All Souls Connected is determined to change as many lives as possible through education. Educating about crucial issues pertaining to animals and the environment are the key to producing positive results.

We can tailor the program to fit your needs: If you are interested in having All Souls Connected come to your event or to provide educational programs please contact us to discuss you desired topic and the programs we can provide: You can email us at allsoulsconnected@gmail .com or call 610-507-6673

Some ideas for topics include:

“Your wild neighbors” -Discusses the wildlife native to your area and how you can coexist peacefully.

“Big dog domain”– Discusses the misconceptions that big dog breeds are aggressive and unreliable. Will help you address the unwarranted fears that society has placed on certain breeds. We can bring some live animals for this program.

“Scared of scales”. This program will address the misconceptions about snakes and allow a hands on experience to alleviate the fears associated with snakes. Live animal will accompany on this program.

“Waste and our World”.We know recycling and choosing environmentally friendly actions can be daunting so in this program we Will explore easy steps to begin reducing your environmental footprint and help restore balance in our natural world.

“Responsible Pet Ownership”- Highlighting what it really takes to be a responsible pet owner and how to make the best decision on what type of pet fits your lifestyle. Explaining the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and regular veterinarian checks are so important


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