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Vote For Tyrone: Star cat

Hi, Tyrone’s(tenderness for Tyrone) momma M here. In case you don’t know Tyrone is in a contest called Star cat and if he wins he will get a feature article in Modern cat magazine. It only takes a second to vote, doesn’t require any personal information and you can vote every 12 hours. The contest ends 7/23. This is a very tight competition and Tyrone could use all of his friends help. So PLEASE click on the link and give


Tyrone’s journey began long before Beth and Myself(Maria) rescued him on August 19th 2013. His story prior to that date is not completely known. What we do know is that some time during the summer of 2013 something happened to Ty and it set in motion a series of unexplained events. We had no idea the phenomenal passage we were about to embark upon. On august 19th 2013 Tyrone was rescued by All Souls Connected and taken to the Vet.