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IGIVE- Give to your favorite charity for free! TyBean says it’s a win win!

Do you know about IGIVE? If not please take the time to read about and signup for this free service and most importantly USE IT! There are thousands of participating stores that will donate to your cause FOR FREE no additional cost to you! It is an invaluable tool and All Souls Connected has earned over $650 in just 6 months through IGIVE. Help us continue our Mission of helping as many souls as possible. Safe, Secure & Smart Ways to

IGIVE the perfect way to support your favorite charity

If you are shopping online this Holiday season(or anytime) you can have the stores you shop at donate a portion of your total to your favorite charity. It’s free to sign up and even includes discount codes to many of the stores you shop. This is the perfect way to show your charity a little extra love. It adds up fast and really does make a huge difference to the non profits that are supported. So don’t miss out on